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Traditional FTTx Network Planning, Design and Construction Management approaches are the limiting factor for Engineering companies to meet their Telco, Municipality and PPP customer requirements. Despite being able to solve planning and design problems at a small scale, when approached with complex architectures, data sets and delivering at scale, Engineering companies fall victim to inconsistency and lack of visibility which results in time and cost blowouts across the end-to-end network rollout.


Advances in technology is giving Engineering companies a fresh outlook on how to manage a FTTx network rollout by removing planning and design noise through a commoditized design approach.

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Biarri Networks and 3-GIS will be demonstrating how modern technology and the use of automation and optimisation is commoditizing the network planning and design process. By limiting manual processes, direct user input and improving consistency across, design drawings and specific architecture specifications Engineering companies are now able to deliver:

  • Fast and accurate Network Planning and Design
  • Dynamic and fast, Customer, field and architecture feedback
  • Scalable Network Planning and Design
  • Fast and audible As-built assets


Don’t miss out on this presentation. Join Paul Sulisz, Biarri Networks and Michael Measels, 3-GIS to see how a commoditized approach to planning and designing FTTx networks benefits the entire end-to-end process and the key Engineering, Telecom, Municipality and PPP stakeholders.

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Companies are also seizing the opportunity to compete before the game even begins – in areas like reducing the time to construction. By reducing redundant data entry, applying for permitting more quickly, and gathering field input directly from the field in near real-time rather than manually entering information from field notes – your organization can drastically reduce the time it takes to get new network in place to service customers. Companies that can build networks faster and cheaper will replace the legacy providers in an area regardless of their incumbency. In this scenario, the first company to the market is the winner.


At 3-GIS we continually invest in tools that can automate network designs and provide quality constructible output quickly. We’re supporting the latest technologies in our designs, and providing field tools to capture data quickly and in such a way that eliminates the need for it to be reentered.

Now, we’ve heard it said that field crews will not go away from paper maps, but that’s only because paper has been faster and easier – until now. With a better option that makes their jobs easier, and benefits others on the project, we’re seeing successful replacement of paper with innovative and intuitive mobile tools. And we’re seeing result that benefit the entire organization when this change is made.